Upcoming Events

The Ice Breaker Benefit

632 Hudson, New York, NY
Friday, April 7


This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has dedicated World Health Day, April 7th, to raise awareness about depression. In support of this day we are breaking the ice, fighting the stigma, and starting the conversation about mental health and emotional wellness. We hope to inspire working professionals to live presently and courageously, without judgement or shame, using community and conversation to redefine how the world perceives mental health. If we can change the way that people view depression, we can help those suffering in silence to speak up, ask for, and receive the help they need. 

Please join us for a night of drinking & hors d’oeuvres to benefit the first-ever Global Mental Health Blogger Summit, to be hosted by the Bruce C. Abrams Foundation with help and support from Johnson & Johnson, iFred, and Project HEAL. The Summit will take place in New York this summer, convening mental health bloggers from around the world to strengthen their voices and unite their missions to spark change.